Sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a simple procedure ,what our dentists use on their patients during surgery which is potentially painful or lengthy .Our anesthesiologist uses special  medication to put the patient in a very relaxed, dreamlike state whilst having surgery carried out.

What does sedation dentistry means?

Therefore, sedation dentistry means that the patient does not feel  the stress and anxiety that may usually feel prior to visiting the  dentist and the dental procedure taking place.
Sedation Dentistry is an ideal solution for those of us who suffer  from dental phobia. It is used by dentists to perform dental surgery  on patients in a stress and worry free way, and helps many patients  overcome their fear of visiting the dentist.

What are the main reasons to use sedation?

It really is important to be aware of sedation dentistry if you  suffer from dental phobia, because neglecting your teeth and not  visiting the dentist can have harmful lasting effects to your oral  health, and can often result in severe last minute surgery which can  be expensive and not to mention painful.
Sedation dentistry has many great benefits for sufferers of dental phobia:
It allows the patient to visit their dentist without any pre-visit nerves and allows the dentist to complete the course of treatment in  fewer visits than they would normally be able to do so.

What kind of dental treatments can be used under sedation?

Many kinds of dental treatments can use sedation dentistry,  including caries treatment, root canal treatment, tooth extractions  and implantation procedures,allowing patients with different types of dental phobia to relax and not have to suffer the usual  apprehension which they experience when visiting the dentist.

What types of sedatives are used?

There are many different types of sedative medications that are used  to affect the patient's central nervous system and relax the patient  and put them at ease.
It is particularly useful for those who suffer from dental phobia  and who are undergoing dental surgery for whatever purpose, however, many more people can make great benefit from sedation dentistry too.
Those who have extremely sensitive teeth and find co-operating with the dentist and receiving dental treatment very painful can make full use of sedation dentistry, as it will take the pain away from  their treatment allowing them to receive the health care they  deserve without the stress and anxiety that may usually accompany  it.

In wich cases it is really recommended to use sedation?

Patients that have conditions which make controlling their body  movements difficult such as Parkinson's disease and who have gag  reflexes that make controlling their mouth stressful will also  benefit from sedation dentistry and the physical and mental  relaxation that it gives to the patient.

What does the patient feel while having sedation?

The patient can experience a freedom from their past fear and  apprehension of the dentist, allowing them to receive treatment with  peace of mind, as well as receiving treatment that they have not  been able to have for many years because of their dental phobia.
Sedation techniques will make you feel drowsy, but are different  from general anaesthesia, which puts you into a deep state of sleep,  and has side effects which may last for hours after the surgery.
Sedation dentistry allows us to complete a course of treatment much  more quickly than they normally would be able .

What kind of sedation is provided in our clinic?

We provide two forms of sedation including oral sedation, and  intravenous sedation.

What is very important to remember?

It is important for you to remember that sedation does not simply mean put to sleep, this is only part of it.
Whilst sedation dentistry is a fantastic solution for many sufferers, not everybody is suited to it. Those who are already taking some sort of medication must alert us ,before accepting oral sedatives, as well as those who have a history of allergic reactions to medication.

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