Endodontics-nonsurgical root canal treatment and retreatment under microscope


Don’t rush to extract enflamed tooth and make incisions in the mouth without checking the possibility of saving the tooth non-surgically. Using the microscope our endodontists can prolong the life of your teeth.

Most frequent questions:

Who is endodontist?

Endodontists are dentists who have specialized in root canal treatment; qualification as an endodontist typically requires an additional 3 years of training following dental university.

Endodontic retreatment.


Occasionally, a tooth which has undergone root canal therapy may not heal as expected. This can occur for a number of reasons such as difficult-to-detect inner anatomy of the tooth (such as a root canal which was never found), delay in having your dentist place the final restoration (the crown, onlay or filling) after endodontic treatment was completed, or a restoration which failed to prevent salivary contamination from reaching the inside of the tooth (allowing decay to form under the restoration). If your tooth requires retreatment, our Endodontist will meet with you and discuss all of your treatment options. If you decide upon retreatment, we will reopen the tooth in order to access the root canal filling(s). This may sometimes require removing the crown, post, and core material in order to gain access to the tooth's root canals. Once the canal filling is removed, the canals will be cleaned and a thorough examination will be performed using a surgical operating microscope to detect the source of infection and to check for internal cracks using a disclosing dye and for any unusual root anatomy. After your retreatment procedure it is very important for you to return to your general dentist as soon as possible for your new crown or restoration in order to protect the tooth from infection. Generally it is recommended to complete the restoration process within 3 to 4 weeks. Retreated teeth have the ability to function well for many years.

Microsurgical Endodontics:

In some cases, you may require a microsurgical procedure to preserve your tooth. Endodontic microsurgery is a procedure in which a sophisticated operating microscope is used along with other specialized microsurgical instruments. The microscope provides increased magnification and illumination which greatly improve our diagnostic capabilities and the precision of our surgical procedures. This enhances long-term prognosis while reducing post-surgical trauma.

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