Ārzemju pacientiem

If you decide on having your dental treatment in Riga, Latvia, Dentiks is the largest private dental clinics equipped with the all latest dental devices. You will not only save money, but a lot of time and energy, too.

Before your arrival:

  • You can contact us over the phone, via e-mail or Skype phone.
  • After receiving your panoramic x-ray we contact you immediately and provide you with detailed     information on the Schedule of the necessary dental work and the estimated costs.
  • You receive a personal treatment plan. If necessary we arrange your appointments with our specialists     (dental hygienist, endodontist, periodontist, etc).
  • We can help to find you the cheapest flight to Riga.
  • Offer various types of accommodation close to our clinics, situated in the Old City of Riga.

Dear patients,
we highly recommend to write an email to our oficial email address: info@dentiks.lv or dentiks@hotmail.com if You are planning to make an appoitment at our clinic.
To avoid misunderstanding and to prevent unplanned appoitment we must receive an email from You.
Our further action is to give you reply by email which contains all specific details- appoitment's time, date, costs etc.
Before 3 days YOU MUST CONFIRM Your presence at our clinic.
Thank You for cooperation!


This is Q&A from Tom in Bodo, Norway

  • How did you find us?
    By searching internet for a good dental clinic in the Baltics.
  • How long did you use until you got in touch with us?
    Only a day or two
  •  What made you decided to look for a new dentist in another country?
    The prices on more advanced dental treatment in Norway
  •  What made your choice to travel to us to solve your problems.
    Your pricing and a good impression from our initial communication
  •  How did you travel to us?
    Driving via Sweden, Finland and Estonia
  • Did you plan your journey as a combination with something else in Riga or was it just for going to us?
    It was a combination of business, holiday and dental treatment.
  • How did you fix accommodation in Riga?
    Via Norwegian.no
  • Did we fix accommodation in Riga for you?
    No, Norwegian.no had a better offer at the same hotel
  • How was the first meeting with Dentiks? How was the staff, the language experience?
    Communication was ok, staff was ok, but a tighter schedule would have been perfect
  • Will you be using Dentiks next time you need a dentist?
    Not for minor work, but we do have plans for a new visit
  • Would you like to recommend Dentiks to your friends and acquaintances?
    Yes, no problem
  • On a scale from 1 to 10 How satisfied are you with Dentiks and your dental visit in Riga?
  • Can we use your first name and city if we choose to publish what you write on our website so other Norwegian people can read what you thinking about us?


Hotel De Rome (5*)
76 EUR single room
86 EUR double room
Breakfast included
For reservation please write an email on: reservation@derome.lv
including a special code for „Dentiks” patients: MEDICINE

Hotel Konventa Seta (3*)
50 EUR single room
57 EUR double room
Breakfast included
For reservation please write an email on: reservation@konventa.lv
including a special code for „Dentiks” patients: MEDICINE

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