PRGF-Endoret plasma-lifting

PRGF-Endoret plasma-lifting - is a revolutionary procedure that has made a real breakthrough in the modern aesthetic medicine and which is successfully used in Dentiks clinic.

In our clinic  PRGF-Endoret  technology is being successfully used  not only in aesthetic medicine but also in  hard and soft tissue  transplantations, promoting better and faster  healing and preventing complications after surgical interventions.


Plasma-lifting technique

Plasma lifting - a non-surgical procedure that allows your body to correct age-related changes in a natural  way and stimulates  self rejuvenation  mechanisms . For this purpose we use platelet-rich plasma from  patient's own blood . Enriched plasma, with a special micro-injection technique , is entered into the problem areas, and the rest is done by the body itself. Cells begin to produce their own hyaluronic acid and collagen, that leads to a visible improvement of skin quality and structure.



The results after PRGF Endoret application

 - improvement of skin elasticity

 - reduction of wrinkles

 - skin hydration

 - young and fresh skin


Application areas for PRGF-Endoret
Face, neck, hands, décolleté, scalp


Recommended age

As a preventive remedy to slow down the aging process, these procedures are recommended from 35 years. After 45 years, this procedure is effective for  correctional and regenerative purposes.


Number of procedures

To rejuvenate the skin it is enough with just 2-3 sessions at intervals of 1 month, depending on the age and skin condition.


Benefits of PRGF-Endoret Plasma-lifting

                     Patient's own blood cells  are used as the main source of  youth;

                     A natural process of rejuvenation is being activated

                     Completely safe (unlike plastic surgery or  botulin- toxin injections  )

                     Hypoallergenic (unlike hyaluronic acid and other chemicals )

                     Applicable for all skin types

                     Increases  the concentration of platelets in the plasma 10 times

                     Improves the results of other aesthetic procedures


Contraindications are minimal

In any case, before the procedure, we will hold a special diagnostics and individual consultation for patients, in order to avoid even the slightest risk.

More detailed information about the procedure